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Petal First Baptist Church (Archive)
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  • We want to see a 75% over-all average attendance of our Resident Membership in Worship. Currently, we are at 58%.
  • By 2017 with a 10-15% growth each year would allow us to move to 2 Worship Services.
  • Establish a clearly defined process to move people from the "parking lot" to being a deeply connected member.
  • Create an atmosphere of Prayerful Dependence
  • Every member embracing their role to being deeply connected to Christ and then helping others to get connected to Christ and the Church.
  • Full-Time Worship Leader - 2020


  • Creative Worship Team (help plan message series themes, decor, new message series)
  • Technical Team (sound, lights, video)
  • Parking Lot & Door Greeters - Front Door Team
  • Welcome Team - Middle Door Team
  • Follow Up Team - Back Door Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Starting Point Team