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Petal First Baptist Church (Archive)
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Deacon Family Ministry

At Petal FBC, our Deacon Family Ministry is an important part of caring for the membership. Your family deacon can be an important resource in your time of need or difficulty. So we have a Deacon on Call rotation, in which two men will serve each month to be available after hours or at any time when you can't reach a staff member. Here's the list of Deacons on Call for 2020.

Jan.      David Merrill (601-606-8656) & Jeff Ford (601-408-0361)

Feb.     Charley Morgan (601-549-0016) & Andy Simmons (601-606-2994)

March  Ronnie Brewer (601-550-0079) & Mike Inmon (601-270-7829)

April    Larson Barkurn (601-422-9795) & Tony Bryant (601-520-1357)

May     Michael Blanton (601-818-0477) & Michael Webb (601-540-5046)

June    John Marsh (601-674-1977) and Ken Sewell (601-467-9458)

July     Kevin Berkey (601-381-4838) & Terry Gregg (601-606-2195)

Aug.    Shane Kelly (601-906-5451) & Jimmy Walton (601-917-0234)

Sept.   Brian Riels (601-297-2984) & David Merrill (601-606-8656)

Oct.     Jeff Ford (601-408-0361) & Charley Morgan (601-549-0016)

Nov.    Ronnie Brewer (601-550-0079) & Mike Inmon (601-270-7829)

Dec.    Larson Barkurn (601-422-9795) & Tony Bryant (601-520-1357)