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Petal First Baptist Church (Archive)
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  • We desire to see every member involved in Mission - Praying/Giving/Going.
  • Specifically, we desire to see every member  "Doing/Involved" in Hands on Missions once a year.
  • Every member equipped to comfortably share their faith.
  • We must develop a Church Planting Mindset in everything that we do.
  • We desire to see 50% of Church Ministry Plan Giving go to missions outside of our Church including 10% to the Cooperative Program
  • We will establish a GO fund.  This fund will allow people to give above their tithes to help facilitate people to go on Mission Trips throughout the year.
  • That we encourage a lifestyle of Missional Living in 4 areas - Petal, Mississippi, North America, and the Ends of the Earth.
  • A Missions Pastor


  • International Team (Ends of the Earth)
  • National Team (North America)
  • Mississippi Team
  • Petal Team - School/Community Ministries/and others