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Petal First Baptist Church (Archive)
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  • LifeGroups Attendance would be 85% of our average Worship attendance by 2020 (We are at 72%) That would be an attendance of almost 400.
  • Each LifeGroup would have the right DNA - (Shared Leadership & Desire to Multiply).
  • Reproducing Leaders - Have a clearly laid out plan that trains and mentors new leaders.
  • To see 10-20 new LifeGroups added over the next 5 years - We will have to have more space.
  • Develop an overall & yearly LifeGroup Curriculum Plan & implementation of that plan.
  • Accountability - Small Groups by men/women (4-5 people) - 50% of those attending worship
  • Develop or provide resources to encourage deep spiritual growth for our church family.
  • Discipleship (Staff) - Children's/Preschool



  • Age Group Ministry Teams
  • LifeGroup Team
  • Curriculum Development/Resources Team - Growth Resources
  • Accountability Groups Team