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Vision 2020


Our logo is made up of several elements. The shape of our logo is important, because there is movement involved. We believe that we are called to move. First, notice the Cross. The Cross wraps around everything we do at Petal First Baptist. Next, notice the globe. We believe that Petal First Baptist is called to reach Petal, Mississippi, our nation and even to the ends of the earth. Last, our name. We are Petal First Baptist Church, called to be in the world, but not of the world.

                            THE CHALLENGE

A Renewed Vision:

We desire to be radically transformed by God into a people He can use to transform others.

The End Goal:  Transformation

                               THE CHOICE

  • We can go back to the way we were
  • We can stay like we are
  • We can boldly move ahead

                                 THE CALL

  • A Call to Connect Deeply
  • A Call to Grow Deeper
  • A Call to Commit Sacrificially
  • A Call to Go & Multiply Rapidly


Intentional Relationships        Connect

  • With Jesus - Personal and Corporately - Meaningful and Passionate Worship - Prayerful Dependence
  • With Others Inside the Church - LifeGroups  Fellowship
  • With Others Outside the Church   Evangelism

Transformed Lives          Grow

  • Spiritual Growth - Deeper in God's Word & Spiritual Disciplines
  • Vibrant Leadership
  • Disciples Reproducing Disciples (Accountability) Discipleship

Missional Living          Commit & Go

  • Serve Inside the Church (Ministry Team)    Ministry
  • Serve Outside the Church (Missions)      Evangelism
  • Giving of Your Financial Resources, Time and Energy



The chart shows the Transformation Journey. We believe that transformed lives will be committed to help Connect ourselves and others to Christ and the Church, to Grow in a deepening relationship with Christ, to Commit our time and resources to serve Christ and others, and to Go share the Love of Christ with everyone everywhere. Once you have made it around the journey, you help someone else do the same.


                         TARGETS AND TEAMS


  • We want to see a 75% over-all average attendance of our Resident Membership in Worship. Currently, we are at 58%.
  • By 2017 with a 10-15% growth each year would allow us to move to 2 Worship Services.
  • Establish a clearly defined process to move people from the "parking lot" to being a deeply conncected member.
  • Create an atmosphere of Prayerful Dependence
  • Every member embracing their role to being deeply connected to Christ and then helping others to get connected to Christ and the Church.
  • Full-Time Worship Leader - 2020


  • Creative Worship Team (help plan message series themes, decor, new message series)
  • Technical Team (sound, lights, video)
  • Parking Lot & Door Greeters - Front Door Team
  • Welcome Team - Middle Door Team
  • Follow Up Team - Back Door Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Starting Point Team


  • LifeGroups Attendance would be 85% of our average Worship attendance by 2020 (We are at 72%) That would be an attendance of almost 400.
  • Each LifeGroup would have the right DNA - (Shared Leadership & Desire to Multiply).
  • Reproducing Leaders - Have a clearly laid out plan that trains and mentors new leaders.
  • To see 10-20 new LifeGroups added over the next 5 years - We will have to have more space.
  • Develop an overall & yearly LifeGroup Curriculum Plan & implementation of that plan.
  • Accountability - Small Groups by men/women (4-5 people) - 50% of those attending worship
  • Develop or provide resources to encourage deep spiritual growth for our church family.
  • Discipleship (Staff) - Children's/Preschool


  • Age Group Ministry Teams
  • LifeGroup Team
  • Curriculum Development/Resources Team - Growth Resources
  • Accountability Groups Team


  • We want to intentionally help and encourage people to find their S.H.A.P.E. and where they can find their place to serve the Body of Christ
  • We want to free people up to do Ministry and not be bogged down by "Red Tape" to get a Ministry going.
  • We Desire to see every person serving in at least 1 Ministry in our Church.
  • We want to have a clear process of identifying new leaders and then equipping & empowering leaders to lead Ministries.
  • Using the Generosity Ladder - Every person taking the next step each year until they get to at least the Tithing Level.


  • S.H.A.P.E. Team
  • Leadership Team - Training
  • Other Teams - Wednesday Night Supper, Hospitality, Food Pantry, Orphan Ministry & Others to be created
  • Class 301


  • We desire to see every member involved in Mission - Praying/Giving/Going.
  • Specifically, we desire to see every member  "Doing/Involved" in Hands on Missions once a year.
  • Every member equipped to comfortably share their faith.
  • We must develop a Church Planting Mindset in everything that we do.
  • We desire to see 50% of Church Ministry Plan Giving go to missions outside of our Church including 10% to the Cooperative Program
  • We will establish a GO fund.  This fund will allow people to give above their tithes to help facilitate people to go on Mission Trips throughout the year.
  • That we encourage a lifestyle of Missional Living in 4 areas - Petal, Mississippi, North America, and the Ends of the Earth.
  • A Missions Pastor


  • International Team (Ends of the Earth)
  • National Team (North America)
  • Mississippi Team
  • Petal Team - School/Community Ministries/and others